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Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition

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Nevermind (30th Anniversary Edition


Release Date:

Fri Nov 12 2021

[Nirvana's] 1991 sophomore album single-handedly revolutionized rock music at the dawn of a new decade, a zeitgeist shift whose scale has not been matched in the decades since. It distilled a generation's worth of suburban ennui and despair into a 42-minute punk-pop blitzkrieg, turning bandleader Kurt Cobain into first a prophet and later a martyr. It also marked a windfall for every department store with an excess stock of oversized flannel shirts. Strip away the exhausting "legacy" discourse, though, and a more modest, fundamental truth remains: Nevermind is a flawless display of economical songwriting and airtight hooks, executed with militaristic precision and blunt-force aggression. Its accolades were inevitable; its superlatives are facts. Few albums are more deserving of a deluxe reissue than Nevermind.

-Greg Rolli, Ultimate Classic Rock


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